This page is a resource to find study aids for the AP test. Study now and often to prepare for this test!

Laboratory reviews: Note, the Mountainview Advanced Bio/Bio 2 course does not cover most of the lab due to lack of supplies so online review and simulations are your only resources:
**Lab 1:Osmosis**
**Lab 2: Enzymes**
**Lab 3: Mitosis and Meiosis**
**Lab 4: Photosynthesis**

You should now have noticed the links to all the labs at the bottom of each review. Check out the rest on your own.

Lab 5: Cell Respiration

Kreb's Cycle:

Lab 6: Molecular Biology
Lab 7: Genetics of Organisms
Lab 8: Population Genetics
Lab 9: Transpiration
Lab 10: Circulatory Physiology
Lab 11: Animal Behavior
Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen