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Article Review Assignment

Write a one page (single spaced) review summarizing main points of the article or focus of the web site in general (pick one of the other to focus on) and comment on why you would or would not recommend this site/article to a friend. Include the title, your name, date, and URL. Below are some suggested sites but you can also find your own if you wish.

Internet Sites About General Oceanography:
(others are listed in your textbook)
Internet Sites About Creation Science:

Estuary Worksheet .

Lab Exercise 2 - Tides

Link to table converting baume to specific gravity.

Link to density of water at various temperatures.

Semester 2 - Marine Biology. Karimunjawa Marine Weather
Karimunjawa Geleang Island

Important announcements:
Karimunjawa field trip is coming up soon. You will need to attend this field trip - no exceptions.
You will need to borrow or buy a snorkel and mask before mid March.