Semester 2

1. Grading procedures for this semester.

Homework and quizzes are only 20% of your grade this semester.
50% tests and 30% projects and reports.

3rd quarter report: Disease, injury, problem, or illness report.

Dates and deadlines: Approval of topic needed by January 22 (There may be no repeats of the same disease – first come first serve). Rough draft due February 16th (this will not be graded but is required to get full points on the final draft and advice and pointers will be given). Final draft and oral report due March 9th. Final draft of papers turned in February 26 before noon will receive 5 bonus points for the written portion.

4th quarter project: Karimunjawa field trip life list report

2. Overview

Semester II Tentative Syllabus
• Unit 1 Reproductive and Excretory Systems Anatomy and Physiology (4 weeks.)

• Unit 2 (3rd and 4th quarters): Marine Biology: (approximately 8 weeks) Overview, Taxonomy, Ecology, Reef life list journaling project (Field trip is Mandatory – Field trip will cost each student approximately Rp. 1.000.000 including 2 days, 1 night in Karimunjawa, transportation, food, and accommodations).

• Unit 3: Microbiology:(approximately 6 weeks) History, Lab techniques