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Mountainview International Christian School - Advanced Biology (Bio 2) Course Wiki

Greek and Latin Word Origins Handouts
Course Overview and Grading Policies/Procedures.
Unit 1 - Overview of Anatomy and Physiology -
Unit 2 - Skeletal System.
Unit 3 - Muscular System
Unit 4 - Circulatory System
Unit 5 - Digestion and Respiration Overview

Semester 1 Final Exam Information

2nd Semester Page links

Semester 2 Unit 1 - Urogenital System
Semester 2 - Marine Biology Unit
Semester 2 - Microbiology

3rd Quarter paper - helpful information for you.

Check your rough draft against the list in this document...

Note: if your rough draft does not have comments or red marks, it does NOT mean it is perfect! I only looked at the papers in general terms so the responsibility is yours to make sure you have the best possible final copy. I will grade the final copy per the grade sheet below.

Here is a sample APA formated paper you should follow.
source: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf

Don't forget to read each description and not rely solely on the sample paper. Apa Style Details

If you follow the APA sample in the LB brief it is slightly different than the sample above. Major difference is the running heading. You can use either.